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How much can I withdraw?

Written by Jonatan Rasmussen
Updated 4 months ago

Salary should be yours - but we want to help ensure you can pay your bills on the 1st.

While we think salary should be yours as soon as you have earned it, we do realise that bills still come on a monthly basis.

You can always access 40% of your earned salary.

Therefore we have put in place measures to help you pay your bills - by freezing 60% of the salary you earn, to be paid out on the first.

For example, if you have earned 10,000 kr. after tax, you are free to take out 4,000 kr whenever you want - and we will ensure you get paid 6,000 kr on the first.

First 2,000 kr in a month is always freely available.

You are always welcome to take out the first 2,000 kr you earn in a month, as 

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