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How much can I withdraw?

Written by Jonatan Rasmussen
Updated 1 month ago

We want to give you freedom to use your salary when you want it, while giving you the safety that we have kept enough for your bills.

That means you can access your salary as soon as you have earned it (or it has been approved by your manager)

We freeze a % of your salary 🥶

We freeze a percentage of your salary, which is paid out on your normal payday.

This ensure that you have enough money for bills, while also giving you freedom to take out money when you need it 💰

First money earned in a month (depending on your employer) is always freely available.

To make it motivating to take extra shifts at the start of the month, we always make the first x kr (decided by your employer) freely available. After that the frozen money start kicking in.

An example, where your employer has chosen to freeze 50% of your salary, and first 2000 kr available:

The first 2000 kr you earn is available to you.

After the 2000 kr, 50% of your salary overall will be frozen - this means that the next 2000 kr will be frozen.

Once you go above 4000 kr, you will start being able to withdraw 50% of your salary again.

That means if your next shift earns you 400 kr, then you can take out 200 kr and we freeze 200 kr for your payday.

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